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Oregon Under Foot - by K.T. Myers and Richard L. Petrovic  - ISBN13: 9781450757362 - HOT OFF THE PRESS - March 2011!

Award- winning gemologist Richard Petrovic (Petrovic retired as of August 2011) and his partner of 30 + years Kay Myers aren't just rockhounds. In 1987 they established FACETS, (Newport, OR) Gem and Mineral Gallery. At the the time of publication they shared their knowledge daily with others.

Kay and Richard authored another best-selling pocket guide, Agates of the Oregon Coast which is widely known and enjoyed by rockhounds and beachcombers alike. Oregon Under Foot, identifies the inland materials, to complete this series of Oregon Collecting guides to be used in conjunction with the Gem Trails of Oregon.

The Oregon Gem Scoop featured on the back cover is available through Wesley's Trading Post, in Newport.

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Agates of the Oregon Coast - Amazingly accurate! Just take your dry stones and lay them over the photos to identify them. Learn about the best known varieties, the stunning uncommon colors and varieties of agate to be found that would also include the enhydro (water agates), also a special section of agatized fossils, petrified wood, and fossils that may be found among the cobbles along the Pacific coastline. This color-illustrated guide gives tips on how to find beach agates from the border of California to Washington, read about the likely locales where these agates might be found.  Weight 2 ozs. $6.95
Oregon Under Foot $6.95

Agates of the Oregon Coast.
Agates of the Oregon Coast $6.95